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Tricolor rangoli

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Mother tongue day rangoli

'If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
 that goes to his head;
If you talk in his language, that goes to his heart' 

- Nelson Mandela.

Today (Feb21) is international mother language day. So drew an indoor Rangoli depicting the importance of mother tongue. 

My language my pride
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Maha Shivarathri rangoli

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Valentine fish

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Valentine peacock

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Rose day rangoli

Rose is a flower that represents love, affection, peace and much more. Today being rose day, I wanted to draw a pink rose Rangoli to express my heartful gratitude to all my viewers for their encouragement, appreciation and support. Thank you so much.

Happy rose day !
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Floral ring

Flowers not only adorn garden, but also mykolam. 

One more freehand Rangoli with flowers. This time tried working with contrast colors. The result is for your views and comments.
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Made this Rangoli for a neighbor at her house for her son's wedding. Floor was uneven, yet managed to do. Like many of my kolams, this one too is incomplete. Time constraint must have made me leave the kolam incomplete in the left corner.
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Lotus camp

Just like the lotus,
We too have the ability
To rise from the mud,
Bloom out of darkness
And radiate into the world.

Rise and shine everyone!

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Tri floras

Tried drawing a simple triangular pattern. Could not avoid the flowers, the swirls and curves. They seem to stick to each and every of my rangolis.

Not very perfect, but definitely did bring a smile on my face.
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Floral pattern

Just wanted to try a simple indoor Rangoli. Actually wanted to expand it as a circular pattern, but due to color shortage ended with this.

MY son gave me a wow credit for this one. So expecting it to be a bit!

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Red and green

Woke a little late today, and had to make a quick Rangoli.
Here is a hurry burry Rangoli with red and green colors for your views.
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Kaavi kolam

Running short of colour powders. Suddenly remembered the kavi powder. Made a paste of kaavi powder with water and used a brush to fill up the colors. This was quick and very easy. The outcome is for your eye entertainment. Hope you like this.
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Republic day 2015

Freedom in our mind,
Faith in our words,
Pride in our heart,
Memories in our souls.

Let us salute the nation on
This republic day - 2015.
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CD flora

Today's kolam appears to be like CDs placed around a floral design. So named it as CD flora.

 Used shades of pink to complete the outer colored ring. Hope you all like this kolam of mine.
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Purple and pink

Always loved the pink and purple combination. So chose that combination for today's kolam. 

Made some flaws in the leaf pattern in the middle ring. Realized that only after finishing the kolam and had no mind to erase and correct it. It may not be perfect but it is complete. Isn't it?!
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Patterned diamond

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Spiral flora

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Flower show

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Pinwheel kolam

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